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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 12
November 9, 2011
Welcome to issue 12 of HTML5 Weekly. This week HTML5 got its 'time' element back, we have a new Firefox release (with several minor technology improvements) and a major industry acquisition, along with the usual HTML5 and browser technology articles and demos :-)
News and Latest Developments
HTML5 Multimedia: Develop and Design by Ian Devlin
'HTML5 Multimedia' is a new book by Ian Devlin and published by Peachpit Press.It's an easy, approachable guide to building native HTML5 multimedia (i.e. audio and video) into a Web site and how to integrate it with CSS, SVG, and Canvas technologies.
After Developer Backlash, HTML5 Gets Its 'Time' Element Back Last week, I posted about the 'time' element getting dropped from HTML5 and a campaign to 'save' it. It looks like the decision has been overridden as the 'time' element is now back in the HTML5 spec.
Firefox 8 Released: It's Barely Been Six Weeks since 7.0.. Continuing with the 'rapid release schedule', Mozilla has released Firefox 8.0 to mainstream users. It adds HTML5 context menus, CORS support for cross-domain textures in WebGL, improved CSS hyphen support, improved WebSocket support, and more.
Facebook Acquires Team Behind HTML5 App Platform Strobe; SproutCore Lives On Facebook has picked up Strobe, notable for its SproutCore open source JavaScript framework. Strobe's platform helps developers build multi-platform HTML5-based webapps which can be centrally managed using a single interface.
Articles and Tutorials
CSS3 Secrets: 10 Things You Might Not Know About CSS3
A compelling online presentation by Lea Verou walking through a collection of CSS3's features with live demos. A nice piece of work. (I found I got 'stuck' on a couple of slides but changing the slide # or reloading helped.)
The HTML5 Security Cheatsheet A huge but categorized run down of different security attack vectors that make sure of HTML5, JSON, JavaScript, and other browser technology related features.
Demystifing Nth-Child in CSS Neal Grosskopf presents a simple article and calculator for using the 'nth-child' CSS selector effectively. If it's confused you thus far, it can't get simpler than Neal's breakdown.
The New Game Conf Liveblogged New Game Conf was an HTML5 game development conference that took place last week. Jack Lawson liveblogged it and this is the result - tons of pictures, links, and insights into each of the talks he attended. There's a lot of good stuff in here.
Apple iOS 5: HTML5 Developer Scorecard Sencha, the folks behind Sencha Mobile and Ext JS, take a high level look at Apple's iOS 5 platform and sum up its support for HTML5 technologies. Curiously, it has WebGL support but only for iAds advertisements.
Will HTML5 Replace Native Apps? Here's How to Figure Out When The Guardian has a rather high level article by Matthew Baxter-Reynolds about HTML5 and its potential for replacing native apps (particularly on mobile platforms).
How to Write a Standard: An Inside View of the CSS Working Group at W3C
How to Write a Brick Block Game with HTML5, SVG and Canvas
HTML5 Data Attribute Example Raymond Camden presents a short example and explanation of how to use HTML5's 'data-*' attributes to add ad-hoc data to the DOM of your page. It includes some Cold Fusion code but the concepts are easily applied anywhere.
CodeKit: A Swiss Army Knife for Mac-based Web Developers
CodeKit automatically compiles Less, Sass, Stylus & CoffeeScript files and combines, minifies and error-checks Javascript. It even optimizes images, auto-reloads your browser and lets you use the same files across many projects. An interesting looking tool.
CanvasLoader Creator: Online Tool to Generate Preloader Animations
The Heartcode CanvasLoader Creator is an online tool you can use to generate scripted preloaders (spinners or throbblers) for your pages. It even supports IE 6-8 with VML fallback.
Code and Libraries
Smiley Slider: A Slider for Emotion
Smiley Slider is a tiny, open source 'slider' element you can put on your pages which represent the unhappy-happy spectrum so that users can rate how happy they are.
Using HTML5's Navigation Timing API to Measure Page Load Speed Sagar H Ganatra has put together a tiny example of how to use the Navigation Timing API in HTML5 to measure the full page load speed (including the full request).
Intel's Parallel Extensions for JavaScript It's a bit bleeding edge but Intel's "Parallel Extensions for JavaScript" (codename 'River Trail') hooks into CPU-based vector extensions to give JavaScript access to modern parallel processing functionality. Intel has a beta Firefox extension available for interested developers.
Premiere of 'One Millionth Tower': An HTML5-Powered Documentary To tell the story of Canadian high-rise residents reinventing their homes in the sky, the makers of new film One Millionth Tower reinvented the documentary format. And did it on HTML5, to boot.
The Convergence: A Catchy and Complete HTML5 Platform Game
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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