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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 117
December 11, 2013
Firefox 26 Released
All Java plug-ins are defaulted to ‘click to play’, support for the CSS image orientation property has been added, a new ‘App Manager’ allows you to deploy and debug HTML5 webapps on Firefox OS phones and the Firefox OS Simulator, IndexedDB can be used prompt-free as a temporary data store, and more. You might also enjoy the plentiful developer notes for the release.
websocketd: Like inetd, but for WebSockets A small command line tool that will wrap an existing command line interface program, and allow it to be accessed via a WebSocket.
Joe Walnes
The Mozilla Developer Network has a New Face
Mozilla Hacks
from our sponsor
DreamFactory - Open Source Backend Platform & REST API for HTML5 App Development
Don’t write server code. We provide backend services and REST API for SQL, NoSQL, BLOBs, email, users, roles, SSO, OAuth, and remote web services. Get a free account on our website with examples for AngularJS, jQuery, and Sencha Touch.
Steve Souders' 2013 Browser Wishlist Google’s Web performance guru presents 13 generally performance related technologies and features he’d like to see available in browsers soon.
Performance Calendar
Using Your Terminal From The DevTools Addy Osmani looks at DevTools Terminal, a new Chrome DevTools extension that brings the power of the terminal to your browser.
HTML5 Rocks
Multiprocess Firefox Till now, Firefox has always used a single process. When Chrome was released, it used one UI process and separate ‘content’ processes. This post looks at the issues behind and work involved in making Firefox truly ‘multiprocess’.
Bill McCloskey
Working with WebGL GLSL Source Files A look at a workflow for working with shaders within a WebGL project oriented around Three.js.
Mobile-Friendly Mapping for PhoneGap Apps
Flippin' Awesome
Protecting your Firefox OS App Code Since Firefox OS apps are built using technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, you have to get creative if you want to conceal your code.
Mozilla Hacks
Web Stuff in Your Car Stuff
Getting to the Content You Want, Faster in IE11 A look at the various ways IE11 reduces the impact of network latency by pre-emptively fetching pages and content, uses the network more efficiently with the SPDY/3 protocol, and prioritizes resources to speed up browsing.
Spil Games Investing $5 Million in HTML5 Game Developers
Spil Games
Unfolding the Box Model: Exploring CSS 3D Transforms A creative and interesting slidedeck.
Chris Ruppel
CSS Is for Developers
Lea Verou
Native Code on the Web with Google's Portable Native Client Portable Native Client enables portable, secure execution of native applications in Chrome. Developers produce a platform-independent form of their native application that Chrome can run at better than 80% of native performance. This is a 28 minute chat about what’s involved.
Colt McAnlis
code and tools
parse5: An HTML5 Parser for Node.js A fast, full-featured HTML parser for Node, based on the WHATWG HTML5 specification.
Ivan Nikulin
TOMODOkorz: Enables Cross-origin Requests to Any Domain Uses a proxy-based approach for external requests.
Bootstrap 3.0.3 Released
Bootstrap Blog
MiniCodeEditor: A HTML/CSS/JavaScript Code Editor in 230+ Bytes
Qooxdoo 3.5 Released: The Component Based JavaScript Framework
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