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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 116
December 4, 2013
Exploring HTML5 Canvas Drawing Techniques A dizzying array of pen and brush drawing techniques complete with demos and code. Be sure to have a play.
Resumable.js: Simultaneous, Stable and Resumable Uploads via the HTML5 File API Introduces fault-tolerance into the upload of large files over HTTP by splitting each file into small chunks that can be re-sent.
Chrome DevTools for Mobile: Screencasting Devices to Desktop and Mobile Emulation Paul Irish unveils some new features that could dramatically improve your mobile web development experience when leaning on Chrome.
Paul Irish
from our sponsor
DreamFactory - Open Source Backend Platform & REST API for HTML5 App Development
Don’t write server code. We provide backend services and REST API for SQL, NoSQL, BLOBs, email, users, roles, SSO, OAuth, and remote web services. Get a free account on our website with examples for AngularJS, jQuery, and Sencha Touch.
Configuring and Optimizing WebSocket Compression A look at just-around-the-corner browser support for the latest draft of ‘Compression Extensions’ for WebSocket protocol which enables client and server to negotiate a compression algorithm and selectively apply it to the data payloads of WebSocket messages.
Ilya Grigorik
Building a 2D Browser Game with PhysicsJS Jasper Palfree walks through building a 2D Asteroids-like browser game using JavaScript and the PhysicsJS library.
Flippin' Awesome
The Average Web Page Has Grown 151% Since 2010 Data from the HTTP Archive shows the average Web page, including all of its assets, now requires over 1.5MB of downloads compared to 600KB in 2010. Extra images and custom fonts make up much of the increase.
Web Performance Today
Hacking Chrome DevTools If you’d like to hack on Chrome’s DevTools front-end without checking out the whole Chromium repository and spending hours compiling it, there’s a way.
Andrey Lushnikov
Comparing HTML5 Mobile UI Frameworks Intel HTML5 Developer Evangelist Andrew Hyde Smith gives a high level comparison of features in App Framework, Twitter Bootstrap 3, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Kendo UI, and TopCoat.
Replacing (Most Of) D3.js with Pure SVG + AngularJS
Alexandros Marinos
Alice in Videoland: Designing An Interactive HTML5 Storybook A fascinating look at a HTML5 and CSS based Alice in Wonderland interactive storybook built by Rachel Nabors.
Adobe Inspire Magazine
Device State Detection with CSS Media Queries and JavaScript
David Walsh
MCSS: A Multilayer CSS Organization Methodology
Robert Haritonov
Chrome DevTools November Digest
HTML5 Rocks
Imitating calc() Fallback or Fixed-Width Sidebar In Responsive Layout
Osvaldas Valutis
A Look at In-Browser Databases In this episode of MetaCasts, Mark Bates uses CoffeeScript to talk to an in-browser, persistent, SQLite database with no back end server interaction.
JavaScript Developer at Emma (Nashville, TN) As a JavaScript developer at Emma, your primary role will be architecting and implementing new features and bug fixes for large, interactive, single page JavaScript applications. Experience with jQuery, jQueryUI and Backbone is a must. Visit us at
Senior Front End Software Engineer (Seattle, WA) Moz Analytics is looking for a Senior Developer to join the Applications team. Our team is responsible for building all of the Front End apps that deliver marketing analytics through meaningful data visualization and insight. We want to see your passion for developing high quality software and have fun while doing it.
Weebly is hiring JavaScript Hackers and Ping Pong Masters
code and tools
OriDomi: 'Fold' The DOM Like Paper Billed as ‘origami for the web’, this library lets you visually ‘fold’ and ‘unfold’ page elements. It’s quite a striking effect.
Dan Motzenbecker
Videogular: An HTML5 Video Player for AngularJS A wrapper over the HTML5 video tag, so you can add whatever you want. Theme based, has native fullscreen support, and mobile friendly.
Polymer 0.1.0 Released
10 CSS3 Gradient Generators A list post but a handy selection of tools nonetheless.
Design Instruct
Zoomerang.js: Zoom in On (Almost) Anything On Your Page Specify elements you’d like to have click-to-zoom functionality. Uses CSS3 transforms.
Evan You
Sprite Cow: Generate CSS for Sprite Sheets
Voodoo: Mix 2D and 3D Content Together On The Same Page
HTML5 UP: Creative Commons-licensed Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Site Templates
Gallery Circus 'Rearrange the Squares' Music Video Music video is rendered into various HTML5 canvas elements which are then shuffled. Your job is to move them back into order as the video plays.
Alice in Videoland: the Interactive Storybook
Rachel Nabors
Play a Card Game Against Online Opponents using a Webcam over WebRTC
last but not least..
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