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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 113
November 6, 2013
from the editor
Welcome to issue 113 of HTML5 Weekly. We'll be taking a break next week so the next issue will be on Wednesday, November 20 :-) - Peter C.
The Pragmatic Bookshelf Releases 2nd Edition of 'HTML5 and CSS3' Book A second edition of Brian Hogan’s popular Web development book. A sample screencast on Web Workers has been released to help promote the book.
The Pragmatic Programmers
Static Showdown: A Hackathon for Static Web Apps (Feb 2014)
WebRTC in the Real World: STUN, TURN and Signaling A beautifully in-depth article by Google’s Sam Dutton.
HTML5 Rocks
Welcoming Test the Web Forward to W3C
Tobie Langel
from our sponsor
DreamFactory - Open Source Backend Platform & REST API for HTML5 App Development
Don’t write server code. We provide backend services and REST API for SQL, NoSQL, BLOBs, email, users, roles, SSO, OAuth, and remote web services. Get a free account on our website with examples for AngularJS, jQuery, and Sencha Touch.
Creating Non-Rectangular Layouts with CSS Shapes Only Chrome Canary supports the un-prefixed version of CSS Shapes so far, so this is cutting edge but still a helpful view at a future Web technology.
Sara Soueidan
Using CSS Shapes to Enhance Visual Storytelling
Adobe Web Platform Team Blog
Creating an Animated Hero Image with Canvas Dave DeHaan details how he and his team created a dynamic, animated hero image using HTML canvas.
Flippin' Awesome
Android 4.4 KitKat, the Browser and the Chrome WebView Android 4.4 has made a big change in the OS’ internals for HTML5 development: it has replaced its original WebKit-based WebView with modern Chromium.
Maximiliano Firtman
A Look at the Firefox Developer Tools in Firefox 27 A look at new features in the Firefox developer tools on Firefox 27 (currently in the Aurora release channel), including debugger breaks on DOM events, inspector improvements, and the use of CodeMirror.
Mozilla Hacks
Mobile Browsers Lag, So Mobile HTML5 Apps Suffer Hardware vendors are to blame for not updating older browsers to properly leverage HTML5, Mozilla’s Christian Heilmann says.
Canvas Blending Now Available On iOS7 and OSX Mavericks HTML5 Canvas now supports blending modes in Safari on iOS and in Safari 6.1 and 7.0 on OS X Mavericks, joining Chrome and Firefox. IE currently lacks support.
Adobe Web Platform Team
Tinted Images with Multiple Backgrounds A trick you can use to provide a color tint to a background image in plain CSS.
Text Compression for Web Developers
HTML5 Rocks
Internet Explorer 11: WebGL and More WebGL support in IE11 makes it a massive improvement over IE10 for HTML5 games.
Offline First: Your Next Progressive Enhancement Technique?
AngularJS Directives: Using HTML5 Web Speech
Safari Books Online
The Back Button Cache – Taming It with HTML 5
Animated SVG Icons: Using Snap.svg to Animate SVG Icons
The Landscape Of Front-End Development Automation (Slides)
HTML5 Rocks
The HTML5 Mobile Challenge: Hybrid or Native? Can you really tell that a hybrid app is a hybrid app? Kendo UI set out to test this with a variety of developers.
Kendo UI Team
Rendering Without Lumps At O’Reilly’s Velocity conference, Google’s Jake Archibald had a look at how to achieve fast rendering and smooth animation in the browser.
O'Reilly Velocity
code and tools
LargeLocalStorage: Large Key-Value Stores in Browsers The only truly cross-browser database is DOMStorage, but it has a limit of 5MB. This library provides more storage, by using either the FileSystem API, IndexedDB or WebSQL, depending on what the current browser supports.
Funky.js: HTML5 Camera Video Effects Library A library that can add effects and transformations to webcam media using WebRTC and CSS filters. There’s a demo.
WebTorrent: BitTorrent in Your Browser over WebRTC A streaming torrent client in your browser, powered by webRTC data channels.
Volcanologist? Competitive lumberjack? Oyster harvester? [San Francisco, CA] If you have one of these jobs–you have the coolest job in the world. If you don’t, we could use your help unearthing wisdom from the world’s heroes. Your choice.
The Conquer Project
Web Engineer at Maker Studios (Los Angeles) Maker Studios has gathered over 60,000 of the largest and most influential YouTube channels into a new network model that is disrupting the television industry, and the technology group at Maker Studios develops the talent-facing web applications that make this possible at high-scale. If using technologies like Docker, NodeJS, CircleCI, Redis, Memcache, MongoDB, and CoffeeScript sounds exciting, we want you on our team.
Maker Studios
Front-End Engineer at Yelp - San Francisco Our front end engineers are the glue between our engineering team and the more than 117 million people who visit our site every month. Yelp is looking for a front end developer who walks the HTML, CSS and JavaScript stack with ease. In this role you would do everything from implementing new UIs and features to battling browser inconsistencies on a daily release cycle.
The Guardian's "NSA Files: Decoded" Feature An excellent piece of journalism presented using a variety of modern Web techniques.
The Guardian
micropolisJS: JavaScript Port of The Original SimCity Game A blog post describes the background of the port.
Minecraft: A Tiny Voxel Flyby Tribute to Minecraft in 252 Bytes of HTML5
The Google Chrome Logo(s) Rendered in Pure CSS
last but not least..
Collaboration Tool for Pros Designed by professional web developers, BamBam! is everything you’ll ever need to run your projects. Integrable with Springloops SVN/Git Source & Deploy and FREE for teams up to 10 users, BamBam! gives you enough power to build a spaceship from blueprint to launch. Get started now.
84kids (Sponsored Item)
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