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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 111
October 23, 2013
Snap.svg: The JavaScript SVG Library for the Modern Web
Snap provides web developers with a clean, streamlined, intuitive, and powerful API for animating and manipulating both existing SVG content, and SVG content generated with Snap.
Preview's New Features is a handy reference for seeing which modern Web APIs and technologies are supported in which browsers. Some new features are on the way and can already be seen on
Alexis Deveria
Brendan Eich on HTML5 DRM and Encrypted Media Extensions
Brendan Eich
from our sponsor
Telerik Icenium: Code once, build iOS & Android apps using HTML5 & JavaScript
Build rich mobile apps with Icenium’s seamless creation of backend services, custom Apache Cordova plugin support, and integrated templates for Kendo UI Mobile, Kendo UI DataViz, and jQuery Mobile. 
Start a free 30-day trial with support.
Best Of Both Worlds: Mixing HTML5 And Native Code It’s common to write native mobile apps and increasingly common to write mobile apps using Web technologies and wrapping them up with PhoneGap or similar. Peter Traeg looks at a middle way that combines the best of both worlds.
Smashing Magazine
Stereoscopic CSS Create a stereoscopic 3D scene in the browser by duplicating the scene and using slightly different CSS transforms on both. Includes examples. (They look good but you have to be good at crossing your eyes in the right way.)
Donovan Hutchinson
Slanted Tabs with CSS 3D Transforms
Lea Verou
Calculating Element Vertex Data From CSS Transforms CSS transforms make it easy to manipulate an element in 3D space but what about if you want to shade an element or see if two elements intersect in 3D space? Keith shows how to generate vertex data for elements transformed using CSS and demonstrates how to use this data to shade elements using a light source.
Keith Clark
Introducing 'Layout Boundaries' Making layout changes (such as via the DOM or styles) can sometimes cause your entire document to be reflow and re-rendered. However, it’s possible to enforce ‘layout boundaries’ using CSS to mitigate the effects of this.
Wilson Page
How the Browser Pre-loader Makes Pages Load Faster A look at a feature in all major browsers that has led to faster rendering in the last several years.
Andy Davies
How to Use SVG Image Sprites SVGs can be scaled to any size without losing quality, manipulated using client-side and server-side code, and are supported in all major browsers.
Open Codec Pioneer Joins Mozilla to Work On Next-Gen Video Codec 'Daala' Monty Montgomery, the mastermind behind Ogg Vorbis and Ogg Theora, has joined up with Mozilla to finish the development of an open next-generation video codec.
How to Learn Three.js for Game Development
Making Audio Reactive Visuals Using HTML5 Canvas, the Web Audio API, and getUserMedia.
Felix Turner
Screen Size Management in Mobile HTML5 Games
Animated Checkboxes and Radio Buttons with SVG
Mary Lou
Math-Powered Transforms for Creating 3D Shapes with CSS A good 30 minute look at the art of creating a variety of shapes with CSS3 transforms.
Ana-Maria Tudor
12 Talks from 2013
CSS Application Architecture A talk from SmashingConf.
Nicolas Gallagher
code and tools
hidpi-canvas-polyfill: JavaScript Polyfill for Consistent and Automatic HiDPI Canvas Support A drop-in polyfill to scale HTML5 Canvas elements appropriately to maintain sharpness in browsers that currently do not provide the appropriately scaled backing store to do this automatically.
Jonathan Johnson
Pears: Common Patterns of Markup and Style Collect, test, and experiment with interface pattern pairings of CSS & HTML.
HTML5 Admin: Responsive HTML5 Admin Template using Bootstrap v3
Enrico Icardi
FullPaged: A Single Paged Layout jQuery Plugin with UI Animations
Touche.js: Seamless Touch Event Mapping for Your Click Events
Ben Howdle
Making iOS 7 'Squircles' using CSS3
Senior Front End Web Developer at Flickr Starting immediately, Flickr is looking to hire a Front-End Engineer for our San Francisco office.
UI Developer at Lonely Planet [Nashville, TN]
Travel is in the DNA of everyone at Call us crazy, but we live travel, breathe travel, heck we even dream about it sometimes. It’s our mission to inspire, inform and connect travellers so we’re building the biggest and best travel site on the planet. Do you want to help drive the direction of as part of a talented, passionate team? Are you raring to work somewhere fast-paced and fun? We want to hear from you.
Lonely Planet
Wolfenstein 3D-style Raycaster Demo in 251 Bytes of JavaScript and HTML5 Impressive, and you can learn how it works too.
LaTeX2HTML5: Author Interactive Math Equations and Diagrams Online
last but not least..
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