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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 110
October 16, 2013
WebRTC: Plugin-Free Realtime Communication
Google’s Chris Wilson presents a tour of WebRTC in 40 minutes for the San Francisco HTML5 Group. A good talk and well recorded too.
HTML5 Browser Storage: the Past, Present and Future Covers JavaScript variables, cookies, the ‘window’ object, WebSQL, Web Storage, IndexedDB, and the File API.
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Frontend Masters: New Course with Backbone.js Core Contributor Sam Breed
Non-trivial web applications demand moving beyond jQuery one-offs into testable, single-responsibility code architectures. Sam shows us Backbone’s lightweight approach to building client-side MVC applications and builds in unit tests with Mocha and Sinon.JS.

Dive into Backbone.js models, collections, views and routes with this new course from Frontend Masters!
Frontend Masters
Using The HTML5 'section' Element The HTML5 section element is not a replacement for a div, but instead plays the role of a thematic container for related content.
Léonie Watson
Creating a Dynamic Hero Image Using HTML5 Canvas
Dave Dehaan
What is EME (Encrypted Media Extensions)? A member of the HTML working group explains the background and use cases for the controversial JavaScript API.
Henri Sivonen
Preventing 'Layout Thrashing' ‘Layout thrashing’ occurs when the DOM is frequently changed dynamically causing numerous document reflows and heavy amounts of rendering. This can have a negative effect both on performance and aesthetics, but FastDOM can help you with a solution.
Wilson Page
Playing with CSS Regions in Edge Reflow Joan Lafferty walks you through how to try out CSS Regions, a new CSS specification for flowing content, using the Edge Reflow responsive design tool.
Flippin' Awesome
Introducing TogetherJS A look at a real-time collaboration tool built by Mozilla Labs. You can add TogetherJS to an existing site to add real-time collaboration features.
Mozilla Hacks
HTML5 Gaming: Benchmarking Sprites to Target All Browsers
Building Web Apps With Yeoman And Polymer Addy Osmani walks through using Yeoman, a workflow of tools for web apps to streamline creating webapps, and Polymer, a library of polyfills and sugar for developing apps using Web Components.
HTML5 Rocks
Web Graphics Trends in 2013 Eric Rowell takes a look at the Google Trends graphs behind many Web graphics technology comparisons.
Why (and How) you Should Probably Use Web Notifications
Why Asm.js Is A Big Deal for Game Developers
Felix Dahlke
Using IndexedDB to Manage 3D WebGL Assets
DRM/EME in HTML5 - An American Thing
Amelia Andersdotter
Internet Explorer Has No Plans to Support Web Components Yet
How to Create A Responsive Imagemap With SVG
Dudley Storey
code and tools
web-mode.el: An Emacs Major Mode for Editing HTML Templates Compatible with many template engines: PHP, JSP, ASP, Django, Twig, ERB, Smarty, CTemplate, Mustache, and more.
Introducing Babylon.GameFX: A Framework to Build HTML5 WebGL Games Babylon.JS is a complete JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML5 and WebGL in a simple way. This post looks at the basics of using it.
David Rousset
Dropzone.js: Drag'n'Drop File Uploads with Image Previews
Matias Meno
Shader.js: Library for Managing OpenGL / WebGL Shaders
HTML5 Canvas Isometric Graphics Engine
Iain Hamilton and Edward Smyth
Odometer: Javascript and CSS Library for Smoothly Transitioning Numbers
UI Developer at Lonely Planet [Nashville, TN]
Travel is in the DNA of everyone at Call us crazy, but we live travel, breathe travel, heck we even dream about it sometimes. It’s our mission to inspire, inform and connect travellers so we’re building the biggest and best travel site on the planet. Do you want to help drive the direction of as part of a talented, passionate team? Are you raring to work somewhere fast-paced and fun? We want to hear from you.
Lonely Planet
Museum of Mario
An interactive experience exploring the many eras of Nintendo’s Mario, built by Intel’s HTML5 Hub in collaboration with IGN.
The Pond: HTML5 Game That Runs Seamlessly On Desktop and Mobile Includes an interesting explanation of how it was put together using the innovative LightTable IDE and the CocoonJS library.
Zoli Kahan
The Zoomquilt: A Collaborative Art Project An infinitely zooming image built on HTML5 canvas.
Nikolaus Baumgarten
Fontwalk: An SVG, HTML5 and Scrolling Based Look at Fonts
FontShop AG
last but not least..
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