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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 11
November 2, 2011
News and Latest Developments
Goodbye HTML5 [time] Element, Hello [data] Element!
Bruce Lawson notes that 'it's with great sadness that I inform you that the HTML5 [time] element has been dropped, and replaced by a more generic – and thus less useful – element.'
Why No [Time] in HTML5? As seen above, the [time] element has been removed from the HTML5 spec (as well as [pubdate]) and.. some people are not happy about it so have started a mini campaign.
Appcelerator Raises $15 Million, Begins to Expand HTML5 Developer Frameworks Appcelerator is well known for its Titanium platform for building mobile, tablet, and desktop apps using Web technologies (including JavaScript and HTML5). There are now over 30,000 Titanium-powered apps in the Apple App Store and Android Market and the framework's creator has just raised $15m to take it even further.
From Our Sponsor Realtime Features for your Web or Mobile App with HTML5 makes it insanely easy to add realtime features to your web or mobile app. Powered by HTML5 Websockets. You can push notifications, add chat, create a multiplayer game and so much more!
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Articles and Tutorials
Introduction to HTML5 Web Workers: The JavaScript Multi-Threading Approach JavaScript historically suffers from an important limitation: all its execution process remains inside a unique thread. HTML5's Web Workers API, however, offers a way forward. David Rousset presents a rather enjoyable introduction to them.
From Print to Web: Creating Print-Quality Typography in the Browser An interesting look at some of the CSS and JavaScript-based approaches to improving your typography in the browser. As the author says: "There is no excuse to not create print-quality typography on the web."
Using HTML5's Page Visibility API The HTML5 Page Visibility API defines a means for site developers to programmatically determine the current visibility state of the page in order to develop power and CPU efficient web applications. In this short post, Sagar Ganatra gives a very basic example.
Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JS Engine is on a Diet SpiderMonkey is Mozilla's JavaScript engine and in this article Nicholas Nethercote talks about the efforts to make it use less memory. Technical stuff.
Implementing the Mouse Lock API for Firefox, Part I David Humphrey kicks off a series of posts about his work to implement the Mouse Lock API in Firefox. It's only a brief introduction but it might be something you'd like to follow along with.
Create a Typography Based Blog Layout in HTML5 Chris Spooner takes us on a screenshot and code-heavy blog post walkthrough of building an entire blog layout using HTML5 with a focus on grids and typography.
JavaScriptCore, the WebKit JavaScript Implementation Explained Andy Wingo takes a look at the WebKit project's JavaScript implementation, JavaScriptCore - as used in Safari. He digs deep, explaining how things work at the bytecode level.
Richard Hilleman's (EA) Checklist For HTML5 Success
Videos and Media
How to Implement a 3D Engine in HTML5 A 30 minute presentation by Marius Gundersen, creator of the Origami 3D Engine. It gives an excellent introduction to basic 3D concepts.
Code and Libraries
Animatable: 1 Property, 2 Values, Endless Possibilities for CSS3 Animation What happens if you enable CSS animations on elements where you specify a CSS attribute in a data-property attribute and the 'from' and 'to' values in data-from and data-to attributes? You get this awesome demo and handy technique.
Slider.js: jQuery, CSS Transitions and Canvas Powered Image Slideshows Slider.js is an easy-to-use customizable Javascript library to create image slideshows. It leans on the power of CSS Transitions to perform effects efficiently as well as the HTML5 Canvas to perform some non trivial transitions.
Forcing Lion Scrollbar Visibility with CSS
Handy List Posts
40 Addictive Web Games Powered by HTML5
10 Online HTML5 Tools For Web Designers
Last but not least..
@CodeWisdom: Inspirational Programming Quotes via Twitter
I've started a new account on Twitter called @CodeWisdom, that's dedicated to sage programming related wisdom and quotes, as well as links to discussions on best practices and techniques. If you're on Twitter, follow along.
Nettuts+ Quiz: How Well do you Know HTML5? A fun HTML5-powered quiz that quizzes your HTML5 knowledge in 18 quick fire questions. What score can you get? I got 77.78%. Oops.
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