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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 108
October 2, 2013
Google Launches 'Web Designer' HTML5 Creation Tool Google has launched Web Designer, a tool for both Windows and OS X that can be used to generate interactive, cross-platform HTML5-based designs and motion graphics. The primary intent is for it to be used to generate ads and interactive banners with the app directly supporting publishing your work as an ad.
HTML5-based Flash Player (Shumway) Lands in the Mozilla Firefox Codebase
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The HTML5 Scorecard: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in iOS 7 The folks at Sencha have been running the latest version of iOS 7 against their usual battery of HTML5 tests and have a variety of insights to share.
Safari on iOS 7 and HTML5: Problems, Changes and New APIs An epic guide from Maximiliano Firtman.
Breaking the Mobile Web
Three.js and Babylon.js: A Comparison of WebGL Frameworks A quick comparison of two popular libraries that make WebGL’s 3D capabilities easier to handle from JavaScript.
How to Write Your CSS with JavaScript using Absurd.js David shows off how to use ‘absurd.js’, an intriguing library that allows you to write stylesheets dynamically using JavaScript.
David Walsh
ServiceWorkers Explained The HTML5 Application Cache helps web apps to operate offline. Alas, this API has well-known limitations. Therefore, Alex Russell proposes the ServiceWorkers API, which works around those limitations by giving developers lower-level primitives.
Working With IndexedDB IndexedDB provides a way for you to store large amounts of data in your users’ browsers. It also provides a powerful index based search API to retrieve the data you need.
Chrome Canary Implements The 'dialog' Element: Modals Made Easy
HTML5 Rocks
Chrome DevTools Answers: What Font Is That? The Chrome DevTools can now tell you exactly what typeface is being used to render text.
HTML5 Rocks
Introducing CSS Regions
Webdesigner Depot
Internet Explorer 6 Market Share Finally Falls Under 5%
Getting Started with Web Components and Polymer.js
Stefan Judis
Getting Audio File Information With HTML’s File API And Audio Element
Derick Bailey
Google and Mozilla Begin Browser Plugin Prohibition
Reintroducing the Firefox Developer Tools, part 1: the Web Console and the JavaScript Debugger
Mozilla Hacks
WebRTC Support in Firefox: Update and Workarounds
Mozilla Hacks
Recording of the W3C TAG (Technical Architecture Group) Panel The TAG (a group in charge of coordinating cross-technology architecture and the principles of Web architecture at the W3C) had a face-to-face meeting in Boston at Bocoup’s offices. 1 hour 13 minutes long.
code and tools
Sencha Touch 2.3 Released: Touch Grid, Cordova Support, and New Themes Lots of new features and an iOS7-friendly theme for the popular mobile app framework.
HTML5 Gamepad Tester Displays info about all gamepads connected to your computer that are detected through the HTML5 Gamepad API.
Drawingboard.js: Simple Canvas Based Drawing Widget An HTML5 Canvas-based drawing widget that you can integrate easily on your site.
Custom Animated Checkbox Inputs Using CSS and Iconfonts
The Code Player
Start Bootstrap: Free HTML Templates for Bootstrap 3
Start Bootstrap
Easing Functions Cheat Sheet
JavaScript Developer in Amsterdam (visa and relocation provided) Are you interested in working on the best accommodation website used by millions of customers? Do you have solid experience developing with JS/HTML/CSS? is looking for experienced Front End Developers. Learn more about us in this video.
Front-End Developer at The Nerdery The Nerdery is looking for talented front-end developers with a passion for being on the cutting edge of web development with the skills to support legacy browsers when required. Our ideal candidate is highly motivated, always learning and pushing boundaries.
The Nerdery
Focus Transition An interesting CSS and JS-driven UI concept where a change in focus is demonstrated visually.
Nikita Vasilyev
Radius Raid: A Space Themed Shoot 'em Up An impressive JS13KGames entry with a pretty fun game packed into just 13KB of code and assets.
Hover! A Classic Space Game on the Web from Microsoft Originally developed as a multimedia showcase game for Windows 95, Hover now comes to the Web. I’d forgotten all about the original until the first level booted up here :-)
last but not least..
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