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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 106
September 18, 2013
What's Coming in WebGL 2.0 Brandon Jones (of Quake 3 WebGL demo fame) takes a look at the just published draft of the WebGL 2.0 spec.
Brandon Jones
Firefox 24 for Android Gets WebRTC Support by Default Firefox 24 for Android now supports mozGetUserMedia, mozRTCPeerConnection, and DataChannels by default.
Mozilla Hacks
The O'Reilly Fluent Conference 2014 Call for Proposals Is Open Back in San Francisco in March 2014 is the third Fluent, a conference dedicated to the Web Platform, HTML5 and related technologies. With almost 1200 attendees earlier this year, Fluent is one of the leading events in the space and the CFP ends on September 30.
O'Reilly Media
A New Chrome for iOS 7: Better Google Apps Integration and Improved Voice Search
Google Chrome Blog
from our sponsor
An Introduction to HTML5 Geolocation The Geolocation API of HTML5 helps in identifying the user’s location, which can be used to provide location specific information or route navigation details to the user.
CSS Image Orientation Lands in Firefox 26 When image-orientation: from-image is applied to a JPEG image, the browser will use its EXIF orientation info when rendering so many smartphone and digital camera images will be displayed in their proper orientation by the browser.
Seth Fowler
Where'd The Water Go? Google Maps Water Pixel Detection With Canvas An interesting explanation of solving a rather uncommon issue: overlaying icons on a Google Map but avoiding water areas.
Belly Card
User-Agent Detection, History and A Checklist The ‘user agent’ is a string of text that Web clients, such as browsers, send to Web servers from which they request pages. This article explains how and why user agent strings can be detected and shares some advice on whether or not to rely on them.
Mozilla Hacks
Mobile and Desktop Performance Optimizing A look at some of the mobile and desktop performance best practices picked up while optimizing a third party widget system.
Getting to Know Mutation Observers Sometimes you may need to know when the DOM node tree has changed or if a view has been loaded or unloaded. Mutation observers allow you to do this asynchronously, are defined by the DOM Level 4 spec, and are available in the latest versions of Opera, Chrome and Firefox.
Introducing the Qt WebEngine, Powered by Blink Till now, Qt WebKit has been a Qt-specific fork of WebKit but now it’s being replaced by the Qt WebEngine which will be based on Google’s Blink engine (itself a fork of WebKit) instead.
Using pointer-events with Media Queries
David Walsh
Browser Support Matrix for CSS Blend Modes
Adobe Web Platform Team Blog
HTML5 Gaming: Benchmarking Sprite Animations
Local IP Discovery with HTML5 WebRTC: A Security and Privacy Risk?
Einar Otto Stangvik
Taking The Leap from Flash to HTML5 Video A Pluralsight course by Lisa Larson-Kelley. (Members only but they do offer a trial.)
code and tools
Phaser 1.0: A Desktop and Mobile HTML5 Game Framework A slick, high quality HTML5 game framework that supports both JavaScript and TypeScript. Works with WebGL and Canvas and provides support for sprites, sound, input devices, animation, particles, cameras, etc.
Photon Storm
svg.js: A JavaScript Library for Manipulating and Animating SVG Much lighter than Raphael but with the resulting lack of backwards compatibility. The documentation is comprehensive.
Wout Fierens
Vex: A Modern, Flexible On-Page Dialog Library Supports a high level of customization, including styling of all UI elements, themes, behaviors, animations and effects, with all options configurable on a per dialog basis. Under 7KB with a flexible API.
FireShell: Front-End Boilerplate and Workflow Framework An opinionated framework for teams and individual developers aiming to encourage better workflow. Includes JavaScript task running, build processes, auto-minification and file concatenation, wrapped with a HTML5 boilerplate framework.
ChocolateChip-UI: Framework for Native-Looking Mobile Webapps
Senior Web Engineer, Core Engineering (Oakland, CA) Pandora is look for an innovative, inspired Web Engineer with experience designing and building killer consumer web applications. You will have the chance to take on complex and interesting problems as part of a highly collaborative and fun team.
Front End Engineer @ [Portland or Remote] Orchestrate's mission is to help devs be creative by eliminating the pain of databases. This role will help re-imagine how devs interact with databases and help build our brand. You'll join an experienced team and a well funded startup. Learn more about us!
CSSfaces: 'Faces' Built with CSS Using the Same Underlying Markup
A fun project that’s almost like the CSS Zen Garden but for stylizing ‘faces’. The gallery is packed with fun examples.
Tea Storm: A JS and Canvas Raymarcher Demo in 256 Bytes Not just a demo but an explanation of how it works too.
last but not least..
Explore Bootstrap 3.0 Visually with Divshot Prototype Bootstrap 3.0 (or 2.3, or Foundation, or Ratchet) interfaces with our drag-and-drop builder or edit the source with real-time preview and export to documentation-perfect HTML/JS/CSS. Use the coupon HTML5WEEKLY for 10% off any plan.
Divshot (Sponsored Item)
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