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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 104
September 4, 2013
Frequency Modulation (FM) with the Web Audio API
Great explanation (with interactive demos) of synthesizing sounds with frequency modulation, includes links to JSFiddles with the code too. A fun walkthrough for synth, sound and Web Audio API fans.
Gaëtan Renaudeau
Treasure Arena: A Multiplayer HTML5 'Battle Arena' Game
A fun and highly polished HTML5-powered multiplayer ‘battle arena’ game for up to four players. Has servers in the US and EU. Try not to overload it :-)
Custom Elements: Defining New Elements in HTML The latest high quality article from HTML5 Rocks where Google's Eric Bidelman digs into the Custom Elements API for defining new HTML elements from scratch.
HTML5 Rocks
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Breaking Development Conference
Getting Started With HTML5 Game Development Austin Hallock looks at choosing a game engine or game maker, useful tutorials to read, tools, and distribution.
Mozilla Hacks
How to Use HTML5 Device Orientation to Run Windows 8 JavaScript Apps on Android Devices
A Social Network over WebRTC? Ben ponders the idea of building a social network with no central server using WebRTC’s peer to peer communication mechanisms.
Ben Nolan
Web Components Resources Eric Bidel has compiled a page with resources on Web Components.
CSS3 2D Transformation Functions A very entry level look at translate, translateX and translateY, scale, scaleX and scaleY, rotate, and more.
Analyzing Network Characteristics Using JavaScript And The DOM, Part 2 A look at DNS, IPv6 and the new W3C specification for the NavigationTiming API.
Smashing Magazine
innerText vs. textContent The behavior of these two is different and ‘innerText’ is probably not what you want, says Kelly.
Kelly Norton
Presentation about Polymer and Dart Get the lowdown on Polymer and Dart with this presentation by John Graves, prepared for the Auckland Google Developer Group. (Be sure to click 'play' at the top of the slide deck to get an interesting text-to-speech walkthrough.)
How to Send a File Using the WebRTC Data API
The HTML5 'progress' Element Provides a way to represent the completion progress of a task.
CSS Sprites vs. Data URIs: Which is Faster on Mobile?
Getting a Head Start with Front End Generators Front end code generators can give you a head start on you HTML, CSS and JavaScript projects, and Jonathan Fielding reviews several of the most popular.
Flippin' Awesome
How I developed Tracy: A CSS-Powered 3D Rendering Framework
Automating DPR (Device Pixel Ratio) Switching with Client-Hints
Ilya Grigorik
code and tools
Intention.js: Dynamically Restructure HTML in A Responsive Manner A tool for responsive design developed at Dow Jones that manipulates the DOM via HTML attributes. The methods for manipulation are placed with the elements themselves, so flexible layouts don’t have to be so abstract and messy. An intriguing idea for sure.
Dow Jones
Perimeter.js: Creates An Invisible Perimeter Around A Target Element and Monitors Mouse Breaches
source-map: JavaScript Library to Parse and Consume Source Maps
Custom Elements - A Web Components Gallery for Modern Web Apps
UIBox - Curated HTML, CSS, JS UI Component Library
Create CSS3: An Easy, Online CSS3 Generator Tool
Software Developers (JavaScript or Java) - R&D Positions in Vienna, Austria Participate in award-winning research projects as part of a young and interdisciplinary team. Part-/full-time and PhD candidate positions for innovative Java(Script) developers with a focus on visual analytics, Web intelligence and knowledge co-creation.
WebLyzard Technology
Software Engineer - Product at Coursera Coursera is looking for JavaScript/HTML5 experts to build high quality web applications that bring online courses to our students. As part of our small and agile team of software engineers, you will be responsible for architecting and implementing the front-end designs, and working with other members on the team to integrate the the application into our platform.
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
Chirp: A JavaScript 8-bit Chitpune Music Composer
An intriguing tracker-esque HTML5-based composition tool for chiptune style music (aimed at HTML5 game developers). Check out a demo or head straight into the tracker itself.
HelloRun: A WebGL and HTML5 3D Game From a first person perspective, quickly make your way through a series of tunnels.
Periodic Table of the (HTML5) Elements
Josh Duck
last but not least..
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