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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 102
August 21, 2013
Bootstrap 3 Released: The Popular Front-End Framework Goes Mobile-First Two years on from the first release of the popular front-end framework, Bootstrap 3 has been released with a new mobile-first attitude.
Writing Web Audio API Code That Works in Every Browser Browsers vary in their support for the Web Audio API (and whether it’s unprefixed or not) but luckily there’s a way to normalize the interfaces to make it easier to write cross-browser Web Audio API code.
Mozilla Hacks
ModUX: 3 Day Web Industry Conference in Amsterdam, September 18-20
ModUX Conference
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N-body Planar Choreographies: Illustrating Mathematics with HTML5 Canvas A look at using JavaScript and Canvas to produce illustrations based around n-body simulations.
Rectangle World
SVG Fallbacks A look behind a clever trick for providing an image fallback for SVG that relies upon browsers treating an ‘image’ tag much like an ‘img’ tag.
A Comprehensive Guide to Taking your HTML5 Game Offline
Steven Lambert
Responsive Content Using CSS Regions Alan Greenblatt shows an example of how you can improve responsive layouts using CSS Regions.
Flippin' Awesome
The Firefox Browser Console The Web Console was introduced to Firefox 4 but now Firefox also has a ‘Browser Console.’ What is it and how does it differ?
Mozilla Hacks
Is HTML Relevant in the Age of Web Apps? John Allsopp, co-founder of Web Directions, ponders on the relative increase in importance of JavaScript and CSS in building modern webapps and the tooling behind them.
Multi-Level Push Menu A clever ‘off canvas’ navigation menu implemented using CSS 3D transforms.
Chrome DevTools Revolutions 2013 The Chrome DevTools have continued to develop to match the increasingly complex demands when building modern webapps. In this recap of Paul Irish’s Google I/O talk, you get a look at the latest DevTools features that can revolutionize how you build and test webapps.
HTML5 Rocks
Introduction to Animating in HTML Krasimir Tsonev details the various techniques for animating in HTML including JavaScript, CSS and the Animate.CSS library.
Flippin' Awesome
Running Headless Selenium with Chrome
Chris Le
Build a Canvas-based JavaScript Particle System in 200 Lines
Decoupling Your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Philip Walton
How To Create Your Own Chrome Extensions
Cory Gross
Web Apps as the new Lingua Franca
Adam Roach
Detecting Critical CSS For Above-the-Fold Content External stylesheets can prevent pages from rendering until they’re fully downloaded, so what if you could inline the most essential styles for everything ‘above the fold’? Paul Kinlan and Addy Osmani look at a technique for doing this here.
Addy Osmani
code and tools
Xpressive: A Live CSS3 Design Tool for OS X A live HTML5 and CSS3 editor that lets you tweak, and save coding changes directly while you preview your web content. Includes support for CSS3 animation editing, responsive design, CSS graphics, and more. There’s a trial but it’s a piece of commercial software on the Mac App Store too.
Brick: UI Components for Modern Web Apps from Mozilla A bundle of reusable UI components created with x-tags (a library that brings Custom Element support to all browsers) to enable rapid development of cross-browser and mobile-friendly HTML5 web applications.
favcount.js: Enhance Your Favicon with Numbers Perfect if your site/webapp has notifications or events and you’d like to show a numeric indicator in the favicon.
Tumult Hype 2.0: The HTML5 Animation Editor Gets New Features Get instant iOS previews with Hype Reflect for iOS, audio actions, Web Fonts, extended browser support, and more.
HTML(.js): A New Way to Traverse and Manipulate the DOM An library for DOM traversal and manipulation with a novel API design. The F.A.Q. answers the important question “Isn’t extending the DOM a bad idea?”.
jquery.arbitrary-anchor.js: Arbitrary Anchors for Page Elements Implement useful dynamic anchor scrolling by simply adding a jQuery/CSS selector after the hash (#) in your page’s URL, thanks to this handy jQuery plugin.
Ultrasonic Networking On The Web Boris Smus built sonicnet.js, a library that uses audio to transmit data between two devices (via the Web Audio API).
fifer-js: A Micro Library for The HTML5 Audio API with Flash Fallback
Clank: Open Source HTML/CSS Framework for Prototyping Native Mobile Apps
Front End Web Developer at (Portland, OR) Love music? Discogs needs music lovers to help on front end development for the largest database of music information plus a marketplace with nearly 13m items for sale. We are a small & creative company where each team member has opportunity to make an impact.
Front End Developer at in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Are you interested in building the best accommodation website used by millions of customers? Do you have solid experience developing with HTML/CSS/JS? is looking for an experienced Front End Dev.
Software Engineer - Product at Coursera
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
GPU Particles with WebGL Over a million particles are moved around rapidly by performing physics calculations on the GPU using a WebGL shader.
TinyJSid: Experimental HTML5/JavaScript C64 Music Player
QbQbQb: Arcade Musical Game on HTML5 Canvas
last but not least..
Explore Bootstrap 3.0 Visually with Divshot Prototype Bootstrap 3.0 (or 2.3, or Foundation, or Ratchet) interfaces with our drag-and-drop builder or edit the source with real-time preview and export to documentation-perfect HTML/JS/CSS. Use the coupon HTML5WEEKLY for 10% off any plan.
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