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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 100
August 7, 2013
Pixel Perfect Timing Attacks with HTML5 [PDF] A paper that describes some techniques that can be used by a malicious site to steal sensitive data from modern browsers. One technique allows browser history to be sniffed by detecting redraw events, while another shows how SVG filters can be used to read pixel colors from a page.
Paul Stone
W3C Highlights A striking summary of the W3C's work over the past several months and a few of its plans for the future. Covers HTML5, content protection, interop, accessibility, community group work, and more.
HTML5 Candidate Recommendation Updated You can also see it highlighted with how it has changed since December 2012.
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WebRTC and the Early API Louis Stowasser goes 'over the new WebRTC API in great laboring detail' with the practical goal of getting you to having working peer-to-peer DataChannels and Media.
Mozilla Hacks
Centering All The Directions A long at the long time issue of.. how do you center things (particularly vertically) using CSS? It spawned quite a discussion in the comments too.
Animated Line Drawing in SVG Jake demonstrates how you can use CSS transitions and SVG to create elegant 'hand drawn' style effects.
Jake Archibald
Checking in Front-End Dependencies Should you add the dependencies installed by your package manager to source control? This article by Addy Osmani walks though the options for Bower.
How to Generate Noise with the Web Audio API There's no native support for generating 'noise' in the Web Audio API but this article shows quick ways to render white, pink, and brown noise.
Resize an Image Using Canvas, Drag and Drop and the File API
David Walsh
60 FPS or Bust: Dynamically 'Prerendering' CSS Animations
Jeremy Kahn
How to Build a Monotron Synth with the Web Audio API If you've fancied building a synth in the browser, this is a good place to start. Uses CoffeeScript.
HTML5 And The Incredible Editable Web A look at how the 'contenteditable' can make your pages more easy to edit and how Kendo UI can plug into and enrich that experience.
Kendo UI Team
Chrome Canary Now Supports Alpha Transparency in WebM Videos
HTML5 Rocks
Video Meetings in The Browser Made Simple Using WebRTC and AngularJS Explains how they pulled all the parts together.
A Look at the 'classList' API The classList API is a 'does exactly what it says on the tin' API. It gets a list of the classes on an HTML element and uses JavaScript to manipulate it.
HTML5 Doctor
Interview with Bruce Lawson (Open Web Standards Evangelist for Opera)
Links Are Not Buttons. Neither Are DIVs and SPANs
Karl Groves
7 Panels from Edge Conference 2013 Several roughly hour-long discussion panels covering offline, networking, performance, responsive layouts, and more, from the cutting edge Web development conference.
code and tools
A Web Tracing Framework from Google Rich tools for instrumenting, analyzing, and visualizing web apps packed into a Chrome extension. Make your app jank-free at 60 fps, etc.
gradientmaps.js: Gradient Maps for the Web Uses SVG filters to apply gradient maps to any HTML content, including HTML5 video. Currently works on Chrome only and includes a demo.
Adobe Web Platform Team
vminpoly: A Polyfill for CSS Units 'vw', 'vh' & 'vmin' and Some Media Queries Currently a working proof of concept and claims to work down to IE 5.5 and Opera Mini.
Skeuocard: A Credit Card Number Entry Form That Looks Like.. A Credit Card Progressively enhances credit card inputs to provide a skeuomorphic interface.
Ken Keiter
EndGate: A TypeScript Powered HTML5 Game Development Framework
Alert: Play Alert Sounds in The Browser
Move.js: CSS3 animation framework for JavaScript
UIkit: Modular Front-end Framework for Developing Fast, Powerful Web Interfaces
Architect: A Supervisor for Your Web Workers
Software Engineer - Product at Coursera Coursera is looking for JavaScript/HTML5 experts to build high quality web applications that bring online courses to our students. As part of our small and agile team of software engineers, you will be responsible for architecting and implementing the front-end designs, and working with other members on the team to integrate the the application into our platform.
Senior backend- / API-developer at Rabble (Stockholm, Sweden) Help us develop Sweden's leading app for mobile offers, where customers and businesses meet on equal terms. Join us in the heart of Stockholm to play with geospatial data and Ruby API's all day long.
Front-end Web Developer at TBG (Full-time and Freelance) (Baltimore, MD)
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
Animatable: One Property, Two Values, Endless Possiblities A demo of what happens if you animate/transition a variety of CSS properties on a simple element.
Lea Verou
Crypt Run: Zelda-esque Game Built on HTML5 Canvas
Lost Decade Games
OS X-Style Context Menu in CSS
Sam Stephenson
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