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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 10
October 26, 2011
We've made it to issue 10 of HTML5 Weekly :-) If you've missed any earlier issues, see the issue archive link at the top of this e-mail. Lastly, thanks for subscribing and.. let's get straight onto it:
News and Latest Developments
O'Reilly's 'Head First HTML5 Programming' Released
Head First HTML5 Programming is a new book from O'Reilly (and written by Eric T Freeman and Elisabeth Robson) that aims to be 'your ultimate tour guide to creating web applications with HTML5 and JavaScript.' The Head First format is a compelling one (very easy to follow for beginners) and it's good to see it continue.
Kindle Format 8 To Introduce HTML5 Support in E-Books Kindle Format 8 is the next generation file format for Kindle books and will include HTML5 support to provide authors with rich formatting and design features. SVG and CSS3 will be among the list of technologies included.
Sencha Launches Mobile HTML5 Cloud,
Opera Adds getUserMedia and Native Pages Support The latest Opera Labs release adds two new features: 1) native pages, where CSS3 extensions are used to split content into pages that can be 'turned' in a natural manner, 2) getUserMedia, for setting the source of an HTML5 video element as the input of the user's webcam.
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Articles and Tutorials
Using HTML5 Video and Audio in Modern Browsers In an article for SitePoint, Malcolm Sheridan demonstrates using HTML5's video and audio tags, how they work in modern browsers, and what the fallback scenarios look like.
10 Essential Differences Between HTML4 and HTML5 Tsveti Georgieva presents a nice roundup of 10 significant differences between HTML4 and HTML5. Definitely entry level stuff.
Overview of HTML5 Support in the Android 4.0 Browser
A Google Case Study: Porting MAME to Native Client Native Client is a Chrome feature for running specially compiled, native code in the browser. This article describes their experience porting the arcade machine emulator MAME to Native Client.
Advanced HTML5 Video and Audio Use on iOS: Bugs and Quirks
DOM Extension Is Not Always Evil
What Feature Would Improve the Web? The Results Recently, Yehuda Katz and Paul Irish asked for ideas about how the Web could be improved by fixes or additions to leading browsers. Here, Paul shares the results. Rendering a DOM element to Canvas sounds interesting.
The HTML5 Web Dev Reading List
WebGL in Internet Explorer (5 Workarounds) IE doesn't yet support WebGL natively but Patrick Cozzi looks at 5 alternative approaches to getting WebGL running within IE in one form or another.
HTML5 Placeholder Input Fields Fixed with jQuery HTML5 added a 'placeholder' attribute for placeholder text in text input form fields but so far the support is lacking. This blog post outlines a technique for rolling out support for it across the field while still maintaining future compatibility.
The Developer's Guide To Conflict-Free JavaScript And CSS in Wordpress
Videos and Media
WebKit in Your Living Room: An HTML5 Dev Conf Presentation Matt Seeley of Netflix discusses how WebKit based UIs are appearing on televisions, consoles and media players, and how WebKit's features can be leveraged to get high performance animations, compositing and rendering overall.
WhatFont: See What Fonts Are Used On A Web Page WhatFont is a handy tool for checking what fonts are used on a Web page. It even supports fonts that come from TypeKit or the Google Font API and it's available to install in bookmarklet, Chrome extension, and Safari extension forms. I've installed it and it works a treat.
Rapid Prototyping for Any Device with 'Foundation'
28 Interactive WebGL Models
DNA Model using HTML5
Last but not least..
Make a HTML5 Jack-o-Lantern for Halloween
From the department of light heartedness comes plans for an HTML5 themed carving for your Halloween pumpkin. Happy Halloween, everyone!
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