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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 1
August 24, 2011
Welcome to the inaugural issue of HTML5 Weekly! The response has been incredible, thank you all. I'll be covering HTML5, CSS3, WebGL, and other general Web browser technology news, tutorials, and links with the same curatorial eye you've come to expect in JavaScript Weekly and Ruby Weekly.
Since this is the first issue, I'm mixing in some of the best HTML5 related links I've found over the last few months and it runs a little larger than it will do in future. Enjoy.
- Peter Cooper, Editor
News and Latest Developments
Firefox 6 Is Here: What's New For Developers? Louis Remi does a round up of what's new in Firefox 6 for Web developers. Highlights include more HTML 5 compatibility and CSS and DOM functionality.
HTML5 Boilerplate 2.0: One Year Old, Many New Improvements HTML5 Boilerplate is a popular site featuring some 'boilerplate' code you can use to start building a fully featured HTML5 page. A year on from its initial release, version 2.0 is now available and it has lots of new improvements.
Downloading Resources in HTML5 (Now Supported by Chrome) Chrome now supports the HTML5 spec's new 'download' attribute to A elements. When used, this attribute signifies that the resource it points to should be downloaded by the browser rather than navigating to it.
Mozilla Introduces WebAPI: A Multiplatform HTML5 Phone API
European Security Agency Warns on HTML5 Security Gaps
Articles and Tutorials
Making the Transition to HTML5: An Overview Emily Lewis presents a high level overview of HTML5, what it's all about, why it's relevant, how its new structural elements work, and how to get started with it.
How to Build an Asteroids Game with the Impact HTML5 Game Engine
Rob Hawkes presents a full walkthrough of recreating the popular 80's game Asteroid using the Impact HTML5 game development framework.
Improving HTML5 Canvas Performance Boris Smus of Google has put together a stunning article packed with techniques and benchmarks all around boosting the performance of your code with HTML5 Canvas elements.
Storing Data the Simple HTML5 Way (And Other Tricks) The 'HTML5 Doctor', Remy Sharp, opens his surgery and looks at the HTML5 Web Storage API. This is about as simple an introduction as you could get if you're not already using it.
Understanding HTML5 Intelligent Forms: A 2 Part Series A two part series by David Powers over at the Adobe Developer Connection all about the new input elements in HTML5 forms and, in part two, HTML5-specific form attributes.
HTML5 Drag and Drop in IE 10 Platform Preview 2 Sharon Newman, IE's Program Manager, shows off the HTML5-based drag and drop functionality that's arrived in the latest preview version of Internet Explorer 10. There's also a video available if you're not able to run IE10 yourself.
An HTML5-Powered Game in the Mac App Store? It's Possible A post from March 2011 about Onslaught Arena, a game using JavaScript, Canvas, and HTML5 Audio all rendered in a WebView on OS X. It's available in the Mac App Store and making money.
Creating a Podcast Player with HTML5 for an IE9 Pinned Site on Windows 7
Scott Hanselman shows off the code necessary to create a podcast player with HTML5 that can work in a 'pinned site' format from the Windows 7 taskbar. I'm not a Windows user but the effect is pretty cool.
Tutorial: Create an iPad Optimized Game (with 3D CSS Transformations) An interesting tutorial and demo with tips for creating a JavaScript and CSS3 powered game, optimized for the iPad. The result is more a tech demo than a game but it's a great start.
Browserscene: Creating A 3D Sound Visualiser with WebGL and HTML5 Audio
Cross-browser 'contextmenu' Support with a Polyfill Addy Osmani notes that the latest Firefox nightlies add support for HTML5 context menus, native context menus for any element on your page. He moves on to looking at how you can support this while falling back to jQuery contextMenu on non-supporting browsers.
Videos and Media
The ChangeLog Interviews Paul Irish on HTML5, CSS3 and Polyfills
The ChangeLog (a great podcast, by the way) has interviewed Paul Irish of HTML5 Boilerplate fame. They talk about the boilerplate system, Modernizr, CSS3, and HTML5 polyfills.
12 Tricks to Develop Faster using Google Chrome's Developer Tools A 5 minute video by Paul Irish packed with tips for using Google Chrome's developer tools.
CSSWARP: CSS Text to Path Generator
CSSWARP is a handy tool that lets you render text along a path (say, a curved line) and then get the CSS necessary to put it on your own site.
Construct 2: Build HTML5 Games Without Having to Code
Frederic Lardinois of SiliconFilter looks at Construct 2, a recently launched game creation system based around HTML5. The beta is free but with commercial licensing to get extended features.
The HTML5 Test: How Well Does Your Browser Support HTML5? A live 'test' site that checks your browser's capabilities and gives you a score out of 450. With the latest Chrome dev I just got 340. It seems Chrome is lagging on the microdata and local multimedia support :-)
HTML5Pattern: Common Input Patterns/Regexes for INPUT Elements HTML5 Pattern is a site that lets you see, test, and build your own 'input patterns' (regular expressions, essentially) for doing HTML5 validations on INPUT form elements.
CSS3 Generator: Cross-Browser Code for Some CSS3 Features The CSS3 generator is a single page tool that lets you create raw cross-browser-friendly CSS for a handful of CSS3 features including border radius, box shadows, and background gradients.
Code and Libraries
PugPig: An HTML5 Publishing Platform (Newspapers, Magazines, Books) Pugpig is an open source HTML5 'publishing platform' that allows you to create newspapers, magazines and books for the iPad, iPhone and on Android.
IEWebGL: WebGL for Internet Explorer IEWebGL is a plugin for Internet Explorer that adds support for WebGL - the technology that adds a 3D OpenGL context to canvas elements. It's freeware but not open source.
Sprite3D.js: 3D Positioning for Elements in Webkit
Deck JS: A Toolkit for Modern HTML5 Presentations Deck.js is an attractive CSS3 and JavaScript powered HTML5 presentation system. The online demos and documentation are slick and well produced.
WebGL Water Simulation
A stunning WebGL powered demo of a pool of water. You can make ripples and drop a ball into the water, all with realistic effect. You'll need a WebGL compatible browser for this, naturally.
Interactive WebGL Path Tracing Demo
Path tracing is a lighting algorithm that realistically simulates light bouncing around a scene. This path tracer uses WebGL for realtime performance and supports diffuse, mirrored, and glossy surfaces. A compelling, interactive demo.
Last But Not Least..
The Sass Way: Sass and Compass News and Tutorials The Sass Way is a new project / blog by Adam Stacoviak, John W Long, and Wynn Netherland that covers the latest news and tutorials in the world of Sass, the CSS preprocessor. The Ruby Inside of Sass, if you will.
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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